Repairing Your Television Set

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Troubleshooting Your TV's Picture

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Many people rely on their televisions to gather important information about world events and to provide entertainment through movies and television shows. The picture quality on your TV can greatly affect your viewing experience, so being able to troubleshoot some common picture problems is important.

Here are three common picture problems that might plague your television in the future, and some simple things that you can do to correct these problems in order to restore your TV's display to normal.

1. Digital Mosquitoes

If you notice that there appear to be small areas of blurring surrounding fast objects within your TV's viewing window, your television set could be suffering from digital mosquitoes.

These blurry areas occur as a result of improper digital compression when signals are sent from television broadcasters to your screen. Adding an outboard digital noise processor will allow you to address these compression issues in order to clear up your television's picture in the future.

2. Distorted Colors

Each television set is equipped with the ability to manually control color settings when it comes to the TV's display. Most televisions are set to maximize the viewing experience in a showroom setting, but these settings could be causing the colors to appear distorted once your television is set up in your home.

Check to ensure that your TV's picture display is set to 'natural' by using the menu function. You can also manually alter the color settings until the picture appears normal if the automatic settings are not sufficient.

3. Choppy Images

Your TV should be able to display images that run in a smooth and seamless manner. If you notice that your video display starts to become choppy, then you may have an issue with the strength of the digital signals being received by your television set.

Before you invest in the costly diagnosis of a problem that might not exist, try adding an amplifier to your TV when the images become noticeably choppy. The amplifier will strengthen the digital signals being fed to your television, and this usually solves any choppiness that appears in your TV's display.

Being able to troubleshoot your TV's picture will help to ensure you are able to enjoy quality viewing. Address blurriness by improving digital compression, correct color distortion by changing your TV's settings, and smooth out choppy images with a signal amplifier to improve your television watching experience in the future. Contact a TV repair shop for more help.