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3 Tips on Different Types of Speakers & Where to Put Them

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If you want to increase the sound experience when watching movies, television and playing games, you need to upgrade from just using the television speakers to some sort of surround sound system. Here are three tips on where to put the different types of speakers that you can purchase to enhance your viewing and listening experience.

#1 Soundbar

If the area where you have your television is relatively small, you may not need to invest in a full-on surround sound system. If your living room is more the size of a small bedroom, a soundbar can provide you with the extra sound boast that you need. 

Soundbars are generally a couple of inches tall, and then a couple of feet long. They are sleak, horizontal speaker systems that can really enhance the sound from your television and give you the feel of surround sound when using in a small television or living room. 

The best place to put your soundbar is right below your television. You can put it on a shelf right below your television. Depending on the size of the soundbar you purchase and the structure of your television, you may even be able to put your television right on top of it.

#2 Subwoofer

If you want to really feel the sound and not just hear it, you need to purchase a subwoofer. A subwoofer only plays the bass in the sound that you are hearing. You are able to feel the sound because subwoofers tend to vibrate. 

If you invest in a subwoofer, you can place them on the floor of your television room. When you put your subwoofers on a cabinet or shelves, the vibration tends to cause these types of furniture to vibrate as well, which can take away from the overall sound experience that having a subwoofer is supposed to provide you with, which is why it is better to put them on the ground.

#3 Full Surround Sound

If you go for a full surround sound system, which is best for larger viewing rooms, you are going to have to set up six different speakers. You are going to have to set up one speaker in the center of the room, one on both the left and right side of the room, and two in the back. You'll also have at least one sub-woofer. 

If you want to invest and purchase a complete surround sound system, you should go the rest of the way and have the surround sound speakers mounted in the wall. Although you could place them on bookshelves or tables around the room, mounting them in the wall ensures you the best overall sound experience no matter how you change up your furniture or room arrangement. 

For more information about your options, contact home theater installation.